Removal advise


Moving house is the ideal occasion to put things in order. Make sure that you have enough removal boxes and other relevant material in time to pack things if you do the packing yourself.

Pack things from each room separately. Use different boxes for the different rooms in order to make the unpacking easier. Make sure that you can retrieve much needed items easy and quick.


Number each room and make lists for each room where boxes are needed. Write the room numbers down on all the boxes and write down the number of boxes for each room. Also write down the numbers of the rooms in the house. Make a copy of the list for the moving company. Any comments you have can be put on the list.


If you wish, we can pack and unpack your entire household effects!


The maximal weight for each box is 15 kilogram and the correct size of the box is 480mm x 320mm x 360mm. A removal box should contain only a limited number of books and if necessary, can be filled with other light things. The contents of the removal box should not be higher than the hand grips, otherwise the box cannot be lifted.

Disassembling furniture

Disassemble all the furniture and make sure that everything can be moved through the windows or doors. Use sellotape to mark the various parts in order to put everything together easy and quick.

Desk drawers

Papers and books can be left in the drawers if not too heavy. Remove fragile items and objects that contain liquids. Lock the cabinets and keep the keys with your hand luggage.

Glassware and crockery

Wrap all glassware, cups and plates separately in paper and put them in the boxes. Use clothing or towels to protect against shocks. The more heavy things should be put first in the box. Silverware should be wrapped in paper towels. Put bottles straight up in the boxes and do not pack sharp objects with fragile ones. Use the labels ‘fragile’ for these boxes.


Combustible/flammable materials

Combustible or flammable liquids must not be packed. These materials and liquids should be kept separately. Change of temperature or pressure could result into leakages or even explosions.


Small paintings can be packed in blister padding. Larger paintings and mirrors will be packed in special (painting) boxes.

PC, dvd and hifi equipment

Pack valuable electronic equipment in the original packing if possible and add protective materials. Wrap a blanket around the object and place it in the box. Put extra material in the box in order to secure the objects.


Transporter liability insurance: damage caused during the transport of the goods of third parties is insured only partly till the amount of € 100.000. The liability insurance for companies: the insurance covers damage on (goods of) others, caused by us (as owner/operator of a moving company).



Costs for the moving can be paid in cash to the operator on the day of the move itself after the move has been completed. Payment can also be done by transfer. Payment can be made beforehand to the bank accountnumber 43 54 10 601 of Economic Verhuizen in Delft with reference to your tender number.