Checklist for a carefree move

> 4 weeks before moving

  • check if temporary housing or (extra) storage room is needed
  • invite tenders from various moving companies for the services you request
  • check with your employer if costs of moving or special leave for moving house is applicable
  • give notice of leaving house to the landlord
  • make arrangements via housing corporation for possible take over of furnishings
  • make arrangements for hand over of keys of both houses
  • inform energy supplier, waterworks and internet/phone provider that you are moving
    (Usually you will receive information how to register the meter reading)

2 - 4 weeks before moving

  • inform the assurance companies that you are moving house
  • turn off and turn on electricity, gas and water supply at both houses
  • clearance of things that wil not be moved
  • pack the things you won’t be needing anymore

2 weeks before moving

  • change of address via TNT postal moving house services
  • send change of address
  • inform landlord/association of proprietors
  • make arrangements with municipal services to collect oversized household waste
  • furnishing of your new home
  • decoration of your new home

1 day before moving

  • defrost and clean the refrigerator
  • take furniture apart and mark the various parts
  • Reserve parking place for the removal van and possible removal elevator by parking your own car and that of the neighbours in front of the house
  • pack the last things

Moving day

  • check if nothing is left behind
  • take the meter readings
  • if necessary turn off gas and electricity
  • draining of the water pipes in the winter
  • lock all windows and doors

Arrival in your new home

  • put everything in the right place as much as possible
  • make a room habitable as quickly as possible
  • let the fridge and freezer acclimatize for 1 day

After you moved in

  • teturn the keys of your former home
  • start unpacking as soon as you can
  • make arrangements to have your removal boxes collected
  • inform the municipality about your new address